UK BDS law

Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Boris Johnson and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in London on Sept. 5, 2019. 

Boris Johnson’s new Conservative government aims to pass a law making it illegal for public bodies to take part in the anti-Israel BDS movement, a senior British official said on Sunday.

Speaking at the International Institute for Strategic Dialogue conference in Jerusalem, U.K. Special Envoy for post-Holocaust matters Eric Pickles said “BDS is anti-Semitic and should be treated as such.”

BDS, he added, constituted an attack not only on Jews, but also on British identity itself.

“Anti-Semitism is an attack on the British way of life and British identity. Without our Jewish citizens we would be a lesser nation,” he said.

Pickles, who is also president of the Association of the Conservative Friends of Israel, said that the resounding defeat of Jeremy Corbyn’s Labor Party on Dec. 12 was actually a national referendum on anti-Semitism. JN

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