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Should I drink wine when dieting? How many carbs are in a glass of wine? Will drinking wine impede my weight loss goal? How can I find the tastiest low-carb wines? You have probably asked these questions at some point during your weight loss journey. 

If you are reading this post, likely, you have not gotten a satisfactory answer to your question. Well, you do not have to worry. In this post, we will look at some basics of wine-taking and how to choose low-carb red wine that you can enjoy while on a diet. 

How many carbs are in wines?

There are different types of wines and each type has its carb content. In this part, we will look at the net cards that are present in different wines.

  • Red wines

The volume and weight of a red wine determine its carb content. This means that red wines with bigger bodies will naturally have higher carbs. Red wines such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Pinot Noir are the lowest in carbs and they are delicious also. 

However, options like Grenache and Zinfandel are sweet wines and are not the best options for weight loss. Fortified wines, such as port is also not a good choice as it packs up to 14 net grams of carbs per serving. Now, that is huge if you are looking for low-carb wines.

  • White wines

White wines have some of the lowest carbs. Dry white wines, such as Brut Champagne and Sauvignon Blanc are quite low in residual sugar and are light in body. This means they contain fewer carbs than their dry red wine counterparts. 

Dry white wines also have fruity tastes, which means you do not have to take the overly dry wine if you have a sweet tooth. With dry white wine, you can enjoy the taste of sweet wine without consuming the added carbs of residual sugar. Pinot Blanc, Chardonnay and Pinot Grigio are also very tasty and pack fewer carbs.

Top tastiest low carb wines

So, whether you want to opt for white wine or dry red wine, the primary thing to consider is the caloric content of the wine. In this part, we will look at some of the tastiest wines that come with very low carbs.

  • Brut champagne

This is a dry champagne with a low level of residual sugar. It has only 2.8 net grams of carbs per serving. Due to its low level of calories, you can enjoy this tasty wine without worrying about loading up on carbs. There are a variety of brands that you can explore. 

  • Dry white wine

People on a diabetic diet would love dry white wine. With less than four net grams of carbs per glass and its acidic taste, you can enjoy this wine with your dinner or while relaxing after the day’s work. The fewer carbs make it an excellent option for people who are monitoring their calorie intake.

  • Dry red wine

Although red wines are usually full-bodied, many of them can be enjoyed without worrying about the high-calorie content. You can find light to medium-bodied dry red wine that packs only 4 grams of carbs per five ounces of serving. 


When selecting your wine, you should not compromise quality for the price. Cheap wines are usually not the best choices when trying to monitor your carb intake. With the right selection of wine, you can enjoy a glass of wine at any time of the day, even when you are on a low-carb diet. Do not indulge and overdo it. Stay safe and healthy.