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Date night is always exciting, regardless of whether you are going out with a long-term partner, a new partner or if you are meeting a Tinder date for the first time. You want to look your best while feeling comfortable with the way you look, and we have had a look at the best beauty tips and products for a successful date night.

Look after your skin

It is easier to feel confident when you look your absolute best, and a good date night look starts with good skincare. Take a few extra moments to wash your face properly, use a scrub and perhaps even a soothing facial mask.

This will prepare your skin for the makeup you are likely to use so that you can impress your date with a fresh and radiant look. Skincare isn’t hard or particularly time-consuming, and it can make miracles for your overall date night look.

Nail polish

Even if you don’t usually paint your nails, it can give you an extra confidence boost to add some color and to make your nails look pretty. Pick a color that goes with your mood, your personality and the outfit you plan to wear, and paint your nails well in time for your date so that the polish has time to dry properly.

If you aren’t really into color - use transparent nail polish. It won’t show much, but it is all about how it makes you feel (confidence) rather than how it makes you look. If you feel good on the inside, it will show on the outside.


The makeup look you choose to go with depends on you as a person, the place you are going to, and the person you are going out with. If you are going on a daytime date - a casual look might be preferable. Less is more.

If, however, you are meeting up at a bar or club, then you might want to step it up a notch with a sharp cat-eye.

Add the final touch

There is one thing you should never forget when preparing for a date night, and that is false lashes. Perhaps you aren’t used to wearing falsies, but it is never too late to start. A pair of nice false eyelashes will elevate your look and make the person you are meeting with look twice. They help define your face without taking over.

False lashes come in many different presentations, which means you have the option of going with something natural looking that will blend right in with your own lashes, or false lashes that are so long and eye-catching that even Lady Gaga would blush. You decide which lashes go best with your personality and looks.


Getting ready for date night is not rocket science, but it is an opportunity for you to focus on yourself for a few minutes. Everyone deserves to feel good about themselves, and you will be surprised by what some makeup, false lashes and a nice outfit can do for your confidence.

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