Supersmile toothpaste has a lot of things going for it. Many customers swear by its results. Not only that but Supersmile also features a proprietary ingredient called Calprox which is uniquely designed not to cause sensitivity. You no longer need to choose between white teeth and non-sensitive teeth. With Supersmile, you can have teeth that shine, which will not bother you when you go to take a sip of water or a bite of food.

One credential that you might not expect from a toothpaste (even one as high-quality as Supersmile) is “kosher.” Yes, on top of everything else, Supersmile is also a kosher toothpaste.

Why does your toothpaste need to be kosher?

Since the brand’s launch, Supersmile has carried the OU kosher seal of approval. 

So, why is it important that your toothpaste be kosher? Namely, it is the fact that it, unlike some other toothpaste, does not contain glycerin-an animal byproduct made out of the fat from certain meats (such a beef or pork, for instance). Many non-kosher toothpaste ingredients include about 1/3 parts glycerin of their overall chemical make-up, well above the 1/60th that some rabbis allow.

Kosher, is also generally thought of as a good indicator of a high-quality product - which Supersmile most certainly is. Opening a plant up for inspection as well as all of your suppliers gives a lot of extra assurance.

What to consider when choosing a toothpaste

Other than aspects like kosher versus non-kosher, there are several things to consider when choosing a toothpaste. And these aspects are worth considering carefully as many people will spend years or even their entire lifetime buying the exact same brand and type of toothpaste. The last thing you want to do is use something over and over again which is, rather than helping you, actually damaging your oral hygiene.

First off, you want a toothpaste that actually works to clean your teeth by reducing bacteria, clearing away plaque and the like. But you have to balance that with choosing something that is not too harsh. Think of it like soap for your skin - sure you want something that cleans, but you don’t want something that completely strips your skin like rubbing alcohol.

Next, you likely, want a product that will whiten your teeth. At-home whitening solutions like those offered by Supersmile are among the best ways to get whiter, more beautiful teeth. This is especially true if you are not looking to spend a lot of money or waste time waiting in the dentist’s office.

Finally, you want a toothpaste that will not cause sensitivity. White teeth are a cosmetic benefit, no doubt about it - but they should not come at the cause of major tooth sensitivity. A thousand-kilowatt smile is not worth the terrible sharp and shooting pains that come with tooth sensitivity. Thanks to Supersmile Kosher Toothpaste your mouth no longer has to choose between looking good and feeling good. Enjoy the best of both worlds!


Yes, there is such thing as kosher toothpaste. And, if you get that kosher toothpaste from Supersmile, it will whiten, clean and protect your teeth, all without causing sensitivity.

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