Gift basket

Chances are if you are reading this article you are trying to purchase a gift for a Jewish colleague or loved one. As you know traditional people of the Jewish faith only eat kosher food. If you are not Jewish there is a good chance that you don’t have any idea what that means. How do you know if what you are buying is kosher?

What does kosher mean?

The essence of the word kosher defines in the simplest terms would be to say it is a set of dietary restrictions followed for religious reasons by people of the Jewish faith. Some things are completely forbidden such as the eating of any pork or shellfish. It is also forbidden for any dairy products to touch meat products. If a Jewish person is to eat meat it has to be slaughtered by standards set in the Torah.

Jewish traditions

The Jewish faith is loaded with beautiful traditions and celebrations. They adhere to the laws and traditions of the Torah. In this book are all the details and rules of keeping their diet kosher. They believe that the Torah lays out the law of God, and they are the chosen ones to follow his law. They do not expect others to cater to them, but it means a lot when people take the time to educate themselves and be respectful of the Jewish culture and its rules and traditions.

Sending gifts to the people you know of the Jewish faith may seem tricky but several trusted companies provide kosher gifts for all the Jewish holidays. Do some research and make sure the company has good reviews. Also, take time to learn about the major holidays on the Jewish calendar. Purim is a celebration you can enjoy with your Jewish friends.

Purim is a celebration of Esther stopping Haman when he tried to eradicate the Jews. It is celebrated with costumes and festivals in the street. Kosher treats and alcohol are in abundance and Purim baskets are gifted so that everyone has an abundance of food to indulge in. Think of this holiday like if Halloween and Mardi Gras had a baby. Your knowledge and willingness to learn about Jewish tradition will make the practicing Jews in your life feel valued and seen.

Dark history

Sadly Jews have been persecuted and ignored throughout history. Many people over the years have tried to wipe out the Jewish race for one reason or another. This is why making sure that you are reverent and respectful of their beliefs and traditions is so very important. They as a group of people have had to face way too much sadness and pain at the hands of others. There is no reason to add to the suffering.

This is why the fact that they still choose to celebrate after all this is inspiring. They are a resilient group of people who against all odds are still standing proud and celebrating their heritage no matter what. This is an admirable quality and one that more people should aspire to have.

The next time you are looking to purchase kosher gift baskets, make sure to do your research and find a reputable company with several great reviews that specialize in kosher gift baskets. Make sure your Jewish friend knows that you respect their beliefs and wanted to honor them by making sure they could indulge and enjoy their gift. Surprise them this spring with a Purim basket. They will be so honored that you recognize their beloved holiday and will be a moment they will never forget.