Photo by Joe Whited licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

While many of us may still be stuck working from our home office, that doesn’t mean you can’t invest in a quality seat cushion for your chair.

Chances are you’ll be spending more time on your chair at home than you were when you were at the office — as all your meetings will take place on the computer now too!

Have you noticed that over the last year, your body is aching more than usual? That your hips or back keep acting up? Or that you just hurt all the time, despite being fit and healthy?

This is likely due to the type of work chair you are sitting in for hours on end. And while the convenience and safety of working from home have their upside, the biggest downside is that you simply aren’t going to be moving in and out of the chair as much as you would have before Covid-19. And this results in needing to place a more significant emphasis on the type of chair you use at work.

So there is no time like the present to invest in one of the best seat cushions to use, as the health of your back is worth it! And best of all, the practical investment can also boast an aesthetic upgrade for your workspace too.

The best seat cushions to use at work aren’t the ones that are always the most expensive. They are the ones that are appropriately designed to support your lumbar and specific body type. Note — not all seat cushions are created equal!

To help you find the best seat cushion to use at work, we’ve put together a list of the best types to consider. And we suggest approaching this critical decision as you would with a bed mattress — keeping in mind your comfort.

Here are the best seat cushions for you to consider.

The extra thick cushion

Double the cushion means double the comfort! Consider using a double-layered seat cushion for your at-home chair. As you will be spending double the time in the chair, it really should be providing you with twice the amount of support. Trust us, you will notice a massive difference, especially after sitting on it for a few hours.

The memory foam cushion

This seat cushion takes personalization to a whole new level. Much like a memory foam mattress, this memory foam cushion remembers your specific body shape and size so that you snuggle into the pillow perfectly every single time. This option is equally great for those who struggle with lumbar issues and need extra support throughout the day.

The affordable cushion

Let’s face it, sometimes, as much as you wish you could invest in the premium of all seat cushions, your budget to do so simply won’t allow it. That’s why it is also essential to know about more budget-friendly seat cushions that are more affordable yet still provide a level of support and comfort. It’s better than having no help whatsoever!

A tailbone shaped cushion

Alright, so this one is a bit strange to try and explain — but bear with us! Some quality seat cushions have the shape of your tailbone cut into it to provide that next level of support. This specific type of cut will help alleviate the pressure that the region would usually feel. These cushions often come with an additional back cushion as well. So, all areas of your body are adequately cared for.

With so many different types of chair cushions to choose from, it ultimately comes down to what you need for yourself individually and the budget you have to spend. Invest in yourself and try out one of these best seat cushions for your work chair!