Stop second-guessing Trump

The editorial in the April 27, 2018 issue is a perfect example of an editor who has nothing to write about and decides, why not pick on President Trump under the heading of “Hide and Seek Diplomacy.” As their bank accounts and IRAs grow larger under Trump’s administration, the left-wing deniers of free speech have decided to come up with criticism of Trump’s advances in the possible demilitarization of North Korea. I use the word “possible.” Nothing is for sure.

But tell me, what in life is for sure? If you go for a job are you sure you’ll get it? If you apply for a mortgage, are you sure you’ll qualify? If you go into the hospital for surgery, are you sure that you’ll come out? That’s what life is about. Charles Krauthammer, in a recent article, described Trump perfectly by saying he is neither a Republican nor a Democrat. He is a pragmatist; he is a business man; he is a negotiator. And as such, he has negotiated Kim Jong-un into a position where, possibly, he will relinquish his military and nuclear offensive action and thereby benefit and make secure a good portion of the world, including the United States.

The editor had to look far and wide to find the quote from the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies. Do they really believe that North Korea is not a potential nuclear weapons state? What is the basis for their belief? Who did they think they were dealing with when North Korea fired an ICBM that could reach our West Coast?

And, needless to say, if North Korea were allowed to become a nuclear weapons state during the presidency of Donald Trump, who would be to blame? Trump has done more to keep us safe, and to those who will not give him credit for anything, please, back off and give him a chance. Yes, sometimes you go one way and sometimes you go another; sometimes you say one thing and sometimes you say the opposite. That’s the practical approach to life, to politics and to business. Stop the second-guessing.

Leon Gildin