Time to act

I’m writing in response to Jewish News’ September article, “Worried about climate, Jewish activists attempt to sway Sinema.”

We are running out of time. Sinema is holding everything up dancing around and holding us hostage. I won’t vote for her again. Every second CO2 keeps spewing into the air we are that much further from our mark of cutting emission by 50% by 2030. We are running out of time.

At this point I don’t care how it happens: carbon pricing, good will from individuals acting on their own or the government stepping in and stopping every fossil fuel-powered machine now and making us stay in our homes until we figure out an electric- powered way. We are running out of time. It needs to stop yesterday. Sinema is gambling our futures so she can advance her political career. The Build Back Better plan is a way all of us — individuals, industry and government — can be part of doing something now, before it’s too late. Even if it already is.

April Rizzi, Mesa