We are living in unprecedented times. Everywhere we turn, there’s a whole lot of crazy going on. The political scene is a daily Theatre Of The Bizarre.

Insane violence is everywhere throughout our spinning globe. 

Climate change angst weighs upon on our shoulders. 

What kind of world are we leaving the children? 

So much appears beyond our control. 

What is a Jew to do? 

Dire circumstances call for drastic measures. I propose a cleanse to soothe and detoxify the Jewish soul. 

What if someone handed you a gift certificate for a break from all the chaos of this world? 

What if each week you could look forward to 25 hours of tranquility? 

No bad news.

No phones. 

No computers.

No work. 

No running yourself ragged performing tasks and errands.

What if it simply involved nourishing our bodies and minds with a physical and emotional elixir? Imagine that for just a moment in time we could light a candle and enjoy a dancing flame ... Take a deep breath and quiet our rhythm ... Contemplate the miracle that we are alive, right here, right now! 

Wonder at the possibility of a loving source of all life able to embrace us, help us with our fears and struggles, big and small.

Sip a sweet wine. Savor a warm fragrant chunk of bread. 

I’m here on Shabbos Island. 

Often there is a prayer or meditation of thanks for all my blessings … because it’s good to have Someone to thank. 

Sometimes there is song. Always, there is delicious food, a Great Book, a replenishing nap, a leisurely walk. 

Maybe I’m with other Shabbos Islanders or perhaps I’m enjoying my own good company. Either way, it’s a great place to just … be.


Quiet down.


I’m recharging my batteries for the strength I’ll need to go back out into the crazy once again. And I’ll be better for it. Perhaps the world will be as well. Quantum physics and whatnot.

Shabbos Island.

That’s what a Jew can do.

See you there.

Linda Cucher is a multi-modality licensed professional counselor with a mission to help people resolve their problems, find their way, their peace and happiness in life. In private practice for over 30 years, contact Linda for a confidential consultation at 480-951-1288 or email her at: belarose@aol.com. View her profile on LinkedIn at Linda Cucher, LPC, MACP.