There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that new lay leadership is in the best interest of NJY Camps (“When Leadership Is Discredited,” Jan. 4). And as president I can say that we are moving responsibly in that direction. Sadly, your editorial mischaracterizes the situation. Upon learning of Debbie Findling’s allegations against Len Robinson regarding his time before coming to NJY Camps, we immediately launched an internal investigation of his tenure with us. The results of the investigations were deeply troubling.

Far from burying it, our entire 60-member board was invited to review the results and was fully briefed by the team that led the investigation. The board then took action to fully implement all of the report’s recommendations. While it is true that we have not released the investigation to the public, we have done so in order to protect the confidentiality of the brave women who came forward to share their stories with the investigators. A number of these women have reached out to us in recent weeks to reconfirm that they do not want their identities compromised.

While this has been a difficult year for NJY Camps, the structural changes to our governance will not have any impact on our ability to provide an amazing summer for thousands of campers. In fact, we are seeing strong registration numbers for this summer. Our professional staff is hard at work preparing for the 2019 camping season. I also need to note that while we have always had a strong collegial relationship with the Jewish Federations in New Jersey, they are not sponsors of NJY Camps, nor are they significant funders of our operations. Finally, while new board members come in to replace those of us stepping down, the NJY Camps board remains fully operational and will continue to do so through this transition.


Peter Horowitz

President, NJY Camps 


“When Leadership Is Discredited” (Editorial, Jan. 4) may have left the impression that NJY Camps is without governance. The organization has since clarified that regardless of what happens to its current board, there will always be a board and a president. Additionally, Janet Fliegelman is acting as NJY Camp’s interim director.