Why aren’t Muslim countries welcoming refugees?


It was “interesting” to see Jews so concerned about Muslim “refugees.” (“Protesting on behalf of refugees,” Jewish News, Feb. 3) Let me be clear, I have no problem with legal immigration, I do have a problem with illegal immigration.

As for the “refugees,” I have a solution to the problem of Muslims trying to leave their countries. How about emigrating to another Muslim country? How about Saudi Arabia? There is plenty of land there, and the Saudis have ample monetary resources to handle the influx of immigrants. So, why haven’t the Saudis, or for that matter, any other Muslim country stepped forward to alleviate the problem of their fellow Muslims? Why? Because either they don’t want them in their country or there’s an underlying reason for the influx to the U.S.

Once here, the Muslims seem to want to have their Sharia law as the law of the land. If you want Sharia law, there are enough Muslim countries to go to, don’t come here. Keep in mind, where Muslims are a minority, they’re concerned with minority rights. Where Muslims are the majority, there are no minority rights. As for no refugees committing acts of terrorism here, check the news more carefully, there have been more than enough terrorist acts committed by Muslim immigrants here in America.

I don’t see any problem with safeguarding our country, and if that means controlling immigration, so be it. As it’s been said, “America first.” We have to get a handle on the immigration issue. After eight years of not enforcing the law, it’s now time to “make America great again.”

Moshe Shipkin, Phoenix

Not all Muslims are excluded


Your recent article of protests on behalf of refugees omits several points (“Protesting on behalf of refugees,” Jewish News, Feb. 3). Not all Muslim visitors or refugees are excluded – only those from countries that refuse to give background information.

Why don’t these American Jews protest against Saudi Arabia? No Jew can receive a visa to visit that country. Henry Kissinger as secretary of state could not enter Saudi Arabia because of his Jewish roots. Perhaps the liberal protesters lack any such concern. They only want to protest against the government that seeks to protect them.

Harold Berger, Scottsdale