A tikkun olam project close to home

Chazak u’baruch to Lois Zeidman (may you be strong and blessed) on retiring from Cans Can — A Tikkun Olam Project, which aided Rwandan families with goats funded from her collecting cans and cashing them in, as well as other charity projects around the world (“Recycling program founder retires,” Oct. 30, 2019). A tikkun olam project a lot closer to home is giving bottles and cans to people going through garbage. One woman told me she was saving up to send her grandson to Boy Scout camp. On a very hot Phoenix day I gave a fellow who was walking through the streets, sweat pouring down his back, a bag of cans. A truck driver who witnessed it climbed down from his cab and gave the fellow his empty Pepsi cans. I hope the driver continued to give his empties away. These small act show that someone cares. I usually speak with the collectors and find out a bit about their lives. Everybody can spread a little kindness with their old cans and bottles. The prices may have gone down on what they get for these recyclables due to the trade war with China, but we can still give and it doesn’t cost you a cent. 

Hershl Weberman | Phoenix, Arizona

Flawed thinking

Your editorial (“Voices of Division, Voices of Unity,” Nov. 27, 2019) appears to claim that peace can only come about through a

“two-state solution.”

It is flawed thinking to believe that Jewish towns anywhere are preventing peace. In light of the hundreds of rockets fired at Israeli civilian targets from Gaza in November, there is no reason to believe the creation of a Palestinian state where the settlements now are would result in peace of any kind. Islamic Jihad’s November attacks offered hundreds of vivid reasons of why a Palestinian state must not be created.

For promoters of Israeli territorial concessions, the withdrawal/disengagement from Gaza was supposed to set the precedent they hoped would soon be repeated in Judea and Samaria (West Bank). Instead, Gaza has become the most graphic illustration of why relinquishing Judea and Samaria to the perennially hostile and extremely corrupt Palestinian Authority is a flat-out dangerous idea.

Imagine how the rocket attacks against Israel in the wake of the Baha al-Ata killing would have looked if the terrorist armies had instead been West Bank Palestinian Arabs, operating from inside a Palestinian state in the West Bank. Those November rockets would be in easy range of the Western Wall, the Knesset and passenger jets landing at Ben Gurion Airport. 

Moshe Phillips, National Director 

Herut North America (U.S. Division)

The Jabotinsky Movement