There aren't always two sides to a story

Jewish News’ article “Advocating for agunot with the ‘push-pull’ of social media” published online on April 23 (p. 7 in this issue) discusses a get — the document a man gives a woman in a Jewish divorce. If a husband refuses to give the get, that woman is considered an agunah, or chained woman. She is not allowed to remarry or have children. She is stuck. The husband has taken her freedom and chained her.

How could JN allow this man a platform to tell us, “It was always coming to an end.”

I understand the need to have a balanced article, to hear two sides. But this is abuse. Keeping his wife hostage 12 years, preventing her from remarrying, preventing her from having more kids is not excusable! Giving a get is a halachic requirement. JN allowed him a platform to legitimize his abuse.

Does JN think there are legitimate reasons to beat or verbally abuse a woman? No!

This is a huge part of the problem — the belief that there are two sides. But there are no two sides to abuse. Shari Judah has been robbed from remarrying and building a new family. Let’s not rob her of the right to her freedom. Abuse is abuse; there’s no excuse.

Sarah Rimler, Phoenix