On Jewish News’ website July 17, Raymond Hirsh (“The Scottsdale Primary”) commented on the Scottsdale primary for mayor, and it had particular impact on me.

Last November, I was privileged to join a delegation to Israel with Mayor Jim Lane, the head of Scottsdale’s Economic Development Department and Arizona Israel Technology Alliance CEO Leib Bolel. We were part of a larger group of state legislators, organization heads and business people to travel to Tel Aviv to launch the Arizona Commerce Authority office there.

At that time, there were 20 Israeli companies operating in Arizona, six of which are in the city of Scottsdale. While in Israel, Leib Bolel coordinated business development meetings between us and companies considering relocation or expansion opportunities in the U.S. We divided our time in talks in both Tel Aviv and Jerusalem and emphasized the business-friendly nature of Scottsdale and the Jewish community that is an important part of the city.

I came away from the meetings and the overall trip with a much deeper appreciation of Jewish society and culture and insight into why innovation is so important to Israel and the business community here.

Everyone in the community must work together to make our city stronger. The city and the Jewish community have much in common, including our love for Scottsdale and the strong business ties that bind us together.

Suzanne Klapp | Scottsdale