More than any group, the Jewish community should demand less, not more regulation (“Needed: sensible firearm regulation,” Oct. 13, Jewish News).

The A2 (Second Amendment), by its inclusion of a “well regulated militia” phrase, indicates that the right is for personal protection and “security” when government is oppressive or, more importantly, unable to provide such security. Malevolent or mentally ill people will always find a way to kill or injure as is so well illustrated in Europe. Bombs, trucks and other available means are just as deadly as firearms.

The greatest loss of life here occurs in the cities with the strictest gun laws like Chicago, New York, Los Angeles and Washington, D.C. Dump the “bump” and I guarantee someone will invent a replacement in days, or weeks.

What we really need is universal firearms training in schools similar to driver’s ed, so people understand safe use and storage as well as the real (not the TV/movie) version of the damage they can inflict.

Essentially, uniform “castle doctrine” laws would also be helpful in protecting folks from malicious prosecutions after self-defense incidents.

Steven Cohen