The implementation of the Iran deal on Jan. 16 by executive action with the aid of the European Union and the blessing of the United Nations is a dark cloud that has settled across world Jewry and civilized nations as well. The forced normalization of Iran, the world’s largest sponsor of international terror, by lifting crippling sanctions that have kept Iran rightfully as a pariah state, was heralded by President Obama as his crowning foreign policy achievement. 

Iran will now receive more than $100 billion in sanctions relief after the International Atomic Energy Agency confirmed that Iran “fulfilled its obligations” by shipping out 25,000 pounds of enriched uranium and dismantling elements of its nuclear program. It was minutes later that the United States formally lifted sanctions on Iran’s banking, shipping and steel industries, to the salivating delight of European businesses eagerly waiting to cash in the piles of money Iran now has to influence European governments through business contracts. 

Echoing Neville Chamberlain, Secretary of State John Kerry called this day a “great step forward for international security.” Anti-Israel crusader Federica Mogherini, the E.U.’s foreign policy chief, helped seal the deal. A prior member of the Italian Communist Party, Mogherini was famous for her close relationship with Yasser Arafat, and her advocacy of mass importation of Muslim immigrants to Europe. As E.U. foreign policy chief, it is no surprise that the E.U. sponsors numerous anti-Israel NGOs – such as Zochrot, Adallah, Baladna, 972 online magazine, Combatants for Peace and Breaking the Silence – that seek to criminalize the Israel Defense Forces for protecting Jews in their home country. 

The dangers of a rich and terrorist Iran are simple to comprehend. Here is a short list to make you sick: Massive build-up of missiles for Hezbollah and tunneling under Israel’s northern border; building up a massive army that will march through Shiite-controlled Iraq to Jordan, Israel and Saudi Arabia; building or purchasing long-range ballistic missiles that can carry chemical warheads; outright buying a nuclear bomb from North Korea thereby circumventing President Obama’s flimsy assurance of “Iran will be prevented from building the bomb”; buying influence in Europe by pumping money into their failing social welfare states. Don’t think the American corporate-government alliance will be far behind. 

All the money and power we have ceded to China did not buy us any influence over the rogue, now nuclear, North Korea. Let’s praise Wendy Sherman, who negotiated the nuclear deal with North Korea, for having brought us safety and security as Obama’s main negotiator with Iran. After U.S. and E.U. money interests begin business with Iran, Israel will be isolated and marginalized politically and militarily far worse than what we see now. 

The “prisoner swap” effected by the U.S. and Iran neglected to free retired FBI agent Robert Levinson, effectively consigning him to death, causing us to wonder why an American Jew is not worthy of repatriation. 

Fox News reports that what Iran also got in the swap was successful U.S. pressure on Interpol to drop arrest warrants against Iranian suspects in the terror attack on the Jewish community center in Buenos Aires in 1994. As Caroline Glick aptly put it: “Wow. In one day President Obama screwed Israel, American Jewry and world Jewry.”

One can’t help but see the parallel of late Maccabean Judea that pursued an alliance with Pompei, but instead became a province subject to Roman rule, losing its independence, and about 100 years later was destroyed. Modern Israel’s faith and reliance on the U.S. and this administration’s hollow promises of security, backed by a majority of America’s Jews, portend another potential bleak outcome for the Jewish people. 

President Obama’s normalization of Iran will allow it to vault closer to the second  Holocaust that the ayatollah promises, when mocking Israel as a “one-bomb country.” 

Matthew Karlovsky, M.D., is president of the Arizona Chapter of Americans For a Safe Israel.