This summer, 24 Phoenix teens joined nearly 2,000 of their peers at BBYO Summer Experiences. These summer programs offer Jewish teens the opportunities to lead, learn, serve communities, travel, strengthen their Jewish and personal identities and meet peers from around the world.

 The programs included the Chapter Leadership Training Conference (CLTC); ILSI, a leadership seminar and travel experience in Israel; Kallah, a Judaic education and self-discovery program; Impact DC, a service learning experience; as well as several others. (See a list of programs at

The lessons learned through these programs ranged from leadership skills and Judaic enrichment to helping those in need, according to a release.

“It’s such a great feeling to be involved in this huge, Jewish, teen-led organization with some of the most passionate and hardworking teenagers from around the world,” said Marissa Vigil, 17, of Hamilton High School about CLTC, in the release. “Many of those people, I now get to call my best friends.”

“Traveling to Bulgaria with BBYO was both inspiring and impactful,” said Josh Schreck, 17, of Paradise Valley High School about BBYO Ambassadors to Bulgaria. “Exploring a beautiful country that has a Jewish community much different from our own with American and European teens was eye-opening.

“I truly learned what life is like for Jewish teens all over the world.”

For more information about BBYO Summer Experiences or BBYO Mountain Region, contact Laura Charnofsky, senior regional director, at 480-634-4900, ext. 1127, or