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Stacy Rosenthal, Congregation Beth Israel’s senior director of education and youth engagement, has been working in Jewish education for nearly two decades and has held about every position there is. Now, she is one of several educators at the start of something new for Reform teens in Greate…

"Bet El synagogue Casablanca -torah scrolls" by dlisbona is licensed under CC BY 2.0

In my pediatric practice, I ask about bullying: “Are there any bullies or mean kids in your school?” or “Have you ever gotten picked on?” Parents will occasionally nod their heads, but children nearly always respond affirmatively.

Eleven chosen teens, including Hannah Gilmartin — in the back row third from left and Colin Morris, back row on right — meet with Israel President Isaac Herzog during CTeen’s Heritage Quest summer Israel trip.

In May, New York-based Chidon Sefer HaMitzvos hosted its annual international Jewish law competition for grades four through eight. More than 5,000 students were tested through a series of exams and competitions on their knowledge of the Torah’s 613 commandments.

The Jewish Community Foundation of Greater Phoenix awarded $141,000 in scholarships for children hoping to attend Jewish day and sleep-away camps this summer. The need-based scholarships were granted to 108 families with children at 41 different camps throughout the United States and Canada.

For Rachell Krell, summertime isn’t about taking a well-deserved rest. After finishing her junior year at Northern Arizona University, where she was recognized for her work in the honors college, awarded scholarships and selected for a place in STARS College — an organization for students pu…

When Princeton University announced last fall that it was not ready to let students return to campus, Jacob Miller, 20, decided it was time for a different type of learning experience. He took a leave of absence from Princeton, determined to be living in Israel by January 2021.

Emma Schwarz, 16 and a sophomore at Verde Valley School in Sedona, won first place in this year’s Anti-Defamation League’s No Place for Hate® essay contest. Her essay, “A Generational Legacy,” was inspired by her grandfather’s efforts to spy on the Ku Klux Klan and report on its activity to …

Laura Drachler had to hustle to finish one last task before she could drop off her kids at Congregation Beth Israel’s Camp Stein for the summer. On May 14, both Max, 14, and Zoe, 12, received a dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, and by the time they arrive at camp, they will be fully protected.

Eden Levi doesn’t think of herself as a writer, and she’s not planning to make it a career. But last month, the 17-year-old junior at Shearim Torah High School for Girls published a book and is selling it on Amazon.

The East Valley Jewish Community Center launched its “Conversation with the Rabbi” podcast March 30.

Benjamin Doherty liked the small, intimate pod system that Shemesh Camp at Martin Pear Jewish Community Center created last summer as a measure of protection against COVID-19. As a kid who can get easily overwhelmed by the chaos of large groups, the camp’s shift away from bigger cohorts work…

B’nai mitzvah ceremonies have transformed during the COVID-19 pandemic from crowded affairs to limited gatherings of friends and family. Over the past year people have become used to watching a Haftorah reading via Zoom instead of inside a sanctuary.

Passover is a great opportunity for young children to get involved with the planning and preparation of the seder. While we’re still dealing with Zoom seders, here are some ideas to make the holiday fun for the whole family.

Zoom call for NFTY Southwest team at NFTY’s convention

After Saturday night’s Havdalah service at NC21, NFTY’s 2021 convention, Dan Nichols, a famous Jewish rock musician, performed a digital concert while NFTYites waved the glow sticks they received in their merch packages. They were celebrating community and music together.

Isabell Kondkhorov, 16, loved her CTeen chapter in Newton, Massachusetts. She even decided to stay as a member once she had moved across the country to Phoenix. Now a sophomore at Pinnacle High School, Kondkhorov is part of three chapters: Newton, Gilbert and the newly-formed Phoenix chapter…

It's still March, but camp directors and other Jewish professionals are thinking about June's archery, kayaks and rope climbing. With summer camp slated to begin in approximately three months, staff are feverishly preparing for the challenge of operating during a pandemic.

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