Dear Greater Phoenix Bubbes,

After years of sushi lunches and Hava Java coffees kvetching to my friends Jeff Fields and Rodney Glassman (both U of A ’00), about the revolving door of shiksas that have filled my social calendar since our Tucson days, they have thoughtfully arranged for me to share 600 words (and two photos) with you, loyal Greater Phoenix Jewish News readers who have friends, neighbors and granddaughters who are ready to find, we would say, their “beshert.” While I haven’t spent 40 years wandering the desert, one could argue that wandering 20 is plenty.

 I’ve come to a crossroads between making aliyah or training to become a mohel, with the thought that either path will support my goal of meeting a great Jewish girl who is close to her family and ready to start her own. That said, I’ve developed a nice career here in the Valley and I’m not sure I could survive on the “tips-only” income of the mohel business. So, before I buy a plane ticket to Israel and with the High Holiday dinners fast approaching, I am turning to you!

At 38 years old, I’ve had some amazing life adventures. I’m a successful commercial real estate agent and I’ll be able to provide a great life for my family. I watch my friends like Jeff and Rodney with their supportive wives and beautiful children and watch how happy they are as they enjoy adventures of partnership and family. I know theirs is a life adventure and future that’s going to make me happiest.

So here I am. A young, hard-working, good-looking Jewish guy (originally from Ohio but a Wildcat at heart) trying to find my perfect match. First and foremost, I really want to raise Jewish children. It’s not that I’m very religious, but the values, morals and commitment to family that Judaism brings to a person are qualities I am committed to finding in my life partner and the woman with whom I will raise my future children. I’m a big health nut and enjoy working out. Ideally, I’d like have someone to go to the gym with, go hiking, and work out together.

Staying in shape and eating healthy are big priorities in my life and I’ll be happiest if I find someone who shares my commitment to a healthy lifestyle. She can’t be a smoker, I’m not into tattoos and body piercings, and although I like to go out from time to time, I’m definitely past my Old Town Scottsdale party days. I’ve never been married and do not have any children and I’d like to meet someone who is excited about starting out as a team of two. I’d like a partner who is adventurous, enjoys outdoor activities and looks forward to laughing together.

In summary, as we approach the end of the year 5776, I’m counting on you, my new personal yentas, the bubbes and zaydes who took the time to read this, to help me find my perfect princess. If you think there’s someone in Arizona (or visiting Arizona) that would be good match, please don’t hesitate to make a mitzvah. I’m also happy to reach out if you suggest.

They’ll be a place for you right up front at the wedding. My buddy Jeff has offered to film and Rodney has offered to sing. You’re simply in charge of introducing me to the bride!

 Jason Hyams

Jason is a commercial real estate broker at

CB Richard Ellis who specializes in vacant land. He can be reached at and (213) 545-6191.