Rock-climbing camps

Rock climbing can build a child’s self-esteem by promoting problem-solving and communication.

For generations, children have spent their summers climbing trees, escaping on small adventures and meeting new friends. In addition to pure summer fun, these activities provided children with hands-on ways to develop life skills.

While the world and our environment are changing, so is where children develop these skills. Summer rock climbing camps are the perfect playground for inspiring children’s sense of adventure while teaching important life skills.

Rock climbing has a unique way of drawing out a child’s personal best

Some of the skills necessary to become successful adults are communication, collaboration, creativity, socialization and problem solving. All of these skills are fostered in a climbing environment.

Campers are always communicating with each other, learning to work together as a team through a variety of programs and exercises on and off the rock walls.

Campers participate in age-appropriate activities focused on climbing protocols, proper use of communication signals, knot tying, harness use and belaying techniques. As a result, they start to get comfortable relying on themselves and their peers under careful guidance, which brings out their best!

Climbing builds self-esteem

Rock climbing camp offers one of the most powerful learning environments, one that provides children the opportunity to try something new that appeals to their natural instincts of climbing.

When children succeed at climbing on the rock wall, tying knots and even lowering, they build self-esteem.

Children also develop problem-solving skills by evaluating the climbs and determining their preferred route to the top. Climbers are safely challenged and encouraged to grow every day.

Climbing allows kids to unplug from technology

Children find climbing extremely exciting, and it requires such focused attention that they naturally take a break from technology and focus on the adventures that lie ahead of them on the rock walls.

At climbing camps, there’s plenty of time for play

While children are continually learning at climbing camps, the overarching goal is to build a foundation for a lifetime of climbing that focuses on fun, teamwork and safety. Each camp gives children plenty of time to climb, climb, climb, which in turn helps them reach important social, emotional and cognitive developmental milestones.

And, just like us adults, all this climbing helps kids manage stress! JN

This article was provided by Mid-Atlantic Media.

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