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In the last dozen years, Sheryl Bronkesh, president of the Phoenix Holocaust Association, has launched a group for second generation Holocaust survivors, broadened the reach of PHA and helped to ensure the Holocaust is taught in Arizona’s public schools.

At Temple Kol Ami we have a decades long tradition of participating in social action activities and organizations. We see ourselves as a force for good, “doing Jewish” across Greater Phoenix with unique social programs. One of the things I love about Temple Kol Ami is that as a member, if th…

A few weeks ago, a package arrived from my aunt. I opened it to find presents wrapped in a light blue wrapping paper with white dots. The words, “Just a little care package for your first Chanukah! I’m glad you’re in our family!” were written beautifully in cursive.

The founders of two prominent, local Jewish organizations, Becca Hornstein of Gesher Disability Resources and Andi Minkoff of the Minkoff Center for Jewish Genetics, will speak about the origin story for each agency on Oct. 27. The event is sponsored by the Women’s Leadership Institute and p…

I am a Jewish educator at Pardes Jewish Day School, and my husband, Seth, is the cantor at Congregation Beth Israel. If you were to drive by our house during the month of Kislev, two things would become apparent: We’re the only Jews in our neighborhood and we really like large Chanukah decor…

The grand prize from last year's Gesher Disability Resources' gala is shown on the screen for all to see.

In my pediatric practice, I ask about bullying: “Are there any bullies or mean kids in your school?” or “Have you ever gotten picked on?” Parents will occasionally nod their heads, but children nearly always respond affirmatively.

A few months ago, my father-in-law was thumbing through my son’s new book about Judaism, which my aunt had sent him. That same weekend I was invited to a virtual seder with more than 20 people from across the United States and Israel.

Two weeks ago, on July 18, our 85-year-old father began having weakness that completely sapped him of his energy — he could barely move. Less than 24 hours later, we called 911 as his weakness led to a fall. We thought this all could be connected to a cardiac issue. He had a complete work-up…

It was Rosh Hashanah and Lauren Hendeles sat inside Congregation Beth Israel sobbing. “God, please hear my prayer. Please bless me with a child,” she prayed. It was 2017 and Hendeles was overcome with the physical, emotional and spiritual toll of unexplained infertility.

If not for his wife, Larry Cohen probably wouldn’t participate in Jewish life much, if at all. But Cindi Cohen, who isn’t Jewish, was adamant about prioritizing Judaism in their lives from the get-go. She incorporated Jewish elements in their wedding, raised a Jewish child and became an acti…

Laura Drachler had to hustle to finish one last task before she could drop off her kids at Congregation Beth Israel’s Camp Stein for the summer. On May 14, both Max, 14, and Zoe, 12, received a dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, and by the time they arrive at camp, they will be fully protected.

Jim Stevenson and Madelyn Shulman stand under the chupah on Oct.18, 2020 with Jonathan and Jeremy Shulman holding the poles.

It’s a busy day in the emergency room when an elderly lady with advanced dementia and pneumonia is wheeled in by ambulance. She is at death’s door. I introduce myself to her two daughters as the emergency physician and notify them of their mother’s critical condition.

The world looks different now than in 2019 — the year Arizona State University published the first study of the local Jewish community since 2002. Still, its findings have major implications for Jewish organizations and synagogues looking to engage more of the community.

Karolyn Benger has a social media network — and she’s not afraid to use it. Benger, who is “deeply concerned about justice and women in Judaism,” said one positive application for the platforms is helping Jewish women finalize long-awaited divorces.

Ian and Alexa Sachs with their new twin son and daughter and dog.

To speak about infertility is taboo. It always has been and probably always will be. This is why we are sharing our experience.

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