Matchmaker Karen Stein

As a casting director and talent agency owner, Karen Stein matched individuals to roles; now as a matchmaker, she matches people to each other. 

It’s an innate skill, she says. “It’s all about seeing two people like a puzzle and putting them together. All of this comes very naturally to me.” 

Stein made her first match in high school. “My first childhood friend that I set up is still married today,” she tells Jewish News in an email. 

“I enjoy bringing people together and forming a lasting relationship,” she writes. When a man came to her home to install a fax line, she says she instinctively knew that he would be a shidduch (match) for her best friend; she was right, he is now her friend’s husband. “It’s a passion and that’s why I have such a huge success rate.”

Stein owns Arizona MyTopMatchmaker, a fully licensed matchmaking service that she purchased in October 2015. MyTopMatchmaker also has offices in Virginia Beach, Virginia, and in Naples and Sarasota, Florida. 

 When she meets with a prospective client, it begins with a “fun fact-finding two-hour free consultation.” After that, there’s a six-panel drug test and a background check. “We want to keep dating safe, sane and open to people who really want relationships,” she says. 

One thing that she looks for is the “sizzle factor,” which she describes as true old-fashioned romance. “Online dating has taken that away to just swiping left to the next profile,” she says. “MyTopMatchmaker brings the sizzle back, between my experience and my honed-in intuition.”

Her favorite part of being a matchmaker is “taking two strangers, setting them up on a blind date and down the road, dancing at their wedding.”

The cost of her services depends on the amount of hours she puts in for her clients, as well as the number of connections they want to make. “I have something for everyone.”

What advice does she have for singles?

“We tend to go after the same types of the opposite sex [and] that doesn’t serve us well,” she says. “When talking to my clients, I bring this to their attention and they open to more healthy dating possibilities.”

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