NowGen Men's Panel

From left: Jonathan Hoffer, Ben Ellis, Greg Saltz, Jesse Rozio, Jay Feitlinger, Geoff Balon and Chase Alyeshmerni.

Last month, NowGen hosted its first Men’s Professional Panel, which offered the opportunity to hear successful businessmen talk about how Judaism has informed their careers. Co-chairs Chase Alyeshmerni and Jesse Rozio, along with the help of the Jewish Federation of Greater Phoenix, put the event together. Moderated by Ben Ellis, founder and designated broker of E&G Real Estate Services, the panel included Geoff Balon, legal advisor to the Mesa Police Department; Jay Feitlinger, founder and CEO of StringCan  Interactive; Jonathan Hoffer, managing partner of SMS Financial; and Greg Saltz, founder of GPS Retail Advisor.

Ellis asked the panelists to talk about Judaism has propelled their careers, what Jewish principles they apply in business , how Judaism helped them navigate tough business situations and who their Jewish mentors have been.

The speakers provided varied perspectives. Feitlinger talked about a time when a business associate embezzled money, and the years it took years for him to pay the debt off — an effort motivated by his Judaism. Balon spoke of the ways Judaism helped him in his challenging role as a public servant. Saltz talked about a time when he prayed in Israel for guidance and was approached with a beneficial deal not long after. Hoffer offered advice on donations, explaining how he approaches the mitzvah of giving 10% when multiple causes put in requests. 

There will be a NowGen Women’s Professional Panel in September. JN

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