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A new Jewish high school in Scottsdale is offering full scholarships for its fall 2021 incoming class.

Most of the donors wish to remain anonymous, “except to say that it is by those who care very strongly that Jewish education should continue beyond eighth grade and for there to be a Jewish high school here,” said Ariella Friedman, president of Nishmat Adin’s board of directors.

Nishmat Adin, or Shalhevet Scottsdale, is partnering with Shalhevet High School in Los Angeles. The Scottsdale campus is open to all Jewish students regardless of religious affiliation and students will be physically together in co-educational classes. In-person teachers will be on site, while teachers at Shalhevet in L.A. will instruct students remotely. Nishmat Adin students will travel to L.A. regularly for in-person social and learning events. The school promises both a rigorous Jewish and secular education.

The amount of the funding is flexible and will be based on the number of students enrolling. The money will go directly to students to cover tuition, which is $24,750 per year, and travel.

In light of the funding, the deadline to apply for admission was extended from April 1 to May 1.

“All students, no matter their financial background, will now have the opportunity to attend,” Friedman said. “Through this generous and visionary gift we are proud to make Jewish education available to a much broader segment of our community.” JN

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