Phoenix Mikvah

Members of the Jewish community gather for the opening of the Phoenix Mikvah on Sunday, Feb. 11.

After many long hours of fundraising and more than a year of construction work, the Phoenix Mikvah held its grand opening this past weekend. Members of the greater Phoenix community were able to tour the new state-of-the-art facility and learn more about it. Guests in attendance — most of them from Orthodox congregations — came from all over to celebrate.

Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton also attended and spoke to the crowd.

“As you know, our city, Phoenix, is a city rich with so many different cultures,” he said. “We love diversity in our city. In fact, it’s what I love most about our city. It’s one of our biggest strengths.”

Stanton also spoke to the importance of the facility and the way it will better serve the Jewish community.

“It’s a great point of pride that we have such an active local Orthodox Jewish community,” Stanton said. “Your contributions are felt across our city, and you are making Phoenix a better place to live.”

David Segal, who’s on the board of directors of the Phoenix Mikvah, said he’s very excited about the new facility. “I have lived in Phoenix since 1967 and we had mikvahs come and go, and this one is obviously state-of-the-art.”

The centralized location of the mikvah is also an asset, Segal said.

“Location was primary when deciding to build this particular mikvah, which sits on the corner of 10th Street and Maryland Avenue,” he said. “This is the residential neighborhood where most of the religious younger families live now, and we wanted it to be in walking distance for Friday night, for Sabbath use and during Jewish holiday use as well. Whatever benefits our Jewish community, I’m happy to be part of that.”

The Phoenix Mikvah has separate entrances for women and men. It will not be used for conversions, but the Resource Center for Married Jewish Women will offer educational programs about family purity laws and the Torah’s view of a healthy and successful marriage.

“I think it’s a very special asset to the community and it’s going to serve the women here in a tremendous way,” said Lauren Hendeles, who served on the women’s committee and helped the mikvah come to fruition. “It’s just a beautiful thing we’re able to do for the community.”

For more information, contact Rabbi Avrohom Cohn, director, or go to JN