Joan Greene

As Joan Greene campaigns for the Democratic nomination for Arizona’s 5th Congressional District, she is pounding the pavement in order to connect with everyone in her community.

“We have been in every precinct in that district talking to people,” Greene said. “We talk to Republicans and independents and Democrats, and those who refuse to vote, because we find it important to know what their needs are.”

Her Democratic opponent in the Aug. 28 primary is Jose Torres. The Republican incumbent, Andy Biggs, is running unopposed.

A member of Sun Lakes Jewish Congregation, Greene credits her Jewish faith as a guiding influence for her policies and actions. Her campaign website describes her platform as a “hand up” for the 5th District, rather than a “hand out.”

“Our faith says that we must extend our hands to others,” Greene said. “Our faith, when you look at it, is really no different than other faiths that believe in helping those that are less fortunate.”

Greene’s political platform includes investing in Arizona’s infrastructure, focusing resources on renewable energy, introducing a single-payer health care plan and expanding education budgets for schools. She refers to these as “family issues” that need to be protected in order to create strong growth for Arizona.

“My goal is to bring us back to the country of ‘we,’ ” Greene said. “Because right now it is veering dangerously to the country of ‘me.’ I know we can do that, we just need the fresh voices that say, ‘Together we can. Together we will.’ ”

An Arizona native, Greene received her degree in psychology from the University of Arizona and has owned her own marketing business, Greene & Associates, for more than 30 years. While her client list now includes billion-dollar corporations, Greene said she still cherishes her first clients — nonprofits.

“If you lead with compassion, everything else falls into place.” JN