Chompie's at Costco

Chompie’s Jerusalem Challah, inspired by a trip to Israel, can now be found at Costco.

If you’re craving some Chompie’s but can’t get to one of the Arizona chain’s five locations, you can now get a taste of “Arizona’s New York deli” at Costco stores across the state.

Chompie’s has announced that its new Jerusalem Challah is now available at all 17 Arizona Costco locations, including Tucson and Prescott.

Founded by Lou and Lovey Borenstein when they moved to Phoenix 40 years ago, Chompie’s is a New York-style delicatessen, restaurant, bakery and caterer.

“This is our first time offering a food product in Costco, and we are confident that Arizonans will love the ease of being able to pick up their favorite bread while doing their routine shopping,” said Neal Borenstein, Chompie’s vice president, in a press release.

The inspiration for the new round challahs came from a Borenstein family trip to Israel, where they noticed that circular, braided challahs had become especially popular at Israel’s outdoor markets.

Just in time for the High Holidays, Chompie’s debuted its new round Jerusalem challah, as well as one topped with five kinds of seeds — sesame, black sesame, pumpkin, sunflower and poppy.

Chompie’s also unveiled a braided marzipan challah filled with almond paste and crowned with slivered almonds.

All of Chompie’s challah is kosher and the baking is overseen by Chabad, Borenstein said. Last year, Chompie’s sold approximately 3,500 challahs during the High Holidays at all of its locations.

To start with, Costco will only sell Chompie’s plain Jerusalem Challah, but may add other varieties later. Meanwhile, the traditional seeded Jerusalem Challah can be purchased at all Chompie’s locations across the Valley.

In addition, several types of Chompie’s baked goods can be purchased at Valley grocery stores, including Fry’s, Bashas’ and AJ’s Fine Foods. JN

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