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The Hippocratic Oath is something every physician takes when beginning a career in medicine. It’s a promise to “do no harm” and prioritize the patient above all else, lest the doctor lose their license and the patient their well-being.

Editor’s note: Before working for the Jewish Telegraphic Agency’s sister site Alma, Emily Burack worked for a year on “Meir Kahane: The Public Life and Political Thought of an American Jewish Radical” as author Shaul Magid’s research assistant. She wrote her undergraduate thesis, cited in Ma…

Before Lou Reed proclaimed, “My God is rock ’n’ roll,” The Velvet Underground frontman was a Jewish boy who grew up in Freeport, Long Island, with Russian refugee grandparents. He was born Lewis Allan Reed — though his grandparents changed their family name from “Rabinowitz” to “Reed.”

“Although no one should assume that there’s a simple one-to-one correspondence between what appears onscreen and what happens offscreen,” writes Helene Meyers in the introduction to her new book, “Movie-Made Jews,” “most critics agree that movies matter because representation matters... What…

A group of adventurers arrived at Morgur’s Mound, an archaeological site ringed with dragon bones. They found a treasure, scooped it up and made a run for it — but suddenly the ground began to shake.

While he’s an Arizona State University alum, this is the first time Ari Levin, the executive director of The Madison Center for the Arts, is calling Greater Phoenix home during his professional career. And it’s been quite an impressive and eclectic career.

“An Inconvenient Time: The Story of Ruth Ravina,” a documentary of one woman’s experience of survival, will be screened once a day Aug. 20-22 at the Phoenix Film Festival. Following each screening, there will be a live Q&A with Denny Klein, the film’s producer and director.

In a large room on the bottom floor of the Phoenix Art Museum, more than 10,000 8 inch by 8 inch fabric squares line the walls. But they won’t for much longer.

It’s a good thing Christopher Lasch isn’t around today to consider reality shows such as “My Unorthodox Life” and others of its ilk.

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