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In early September, much of the political world was focused on U.S. Sen. Joe Manchin’s, D-W.Va, seeming intransigence about passing the $3.5 trillion reconciliation package being debated this week in Congress. On Sept. 12, he made the rounds on Sunday morning shows. Meanwhile in Phoenix that…

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A group of adventurers arrived at Morgur’s Mound, an archaeological site ringed with dragon bones. They found a treasure, scooped it up and made a run for it — but suddenly the ground began to shake.

Religious Life

The architecture of our lives begins with a basic anatomy lesson, which features the intersection of the evanescent and the eternal. Our corporal body is a complex environment, magnificently designed to be multi-functional and time limited. Our spiritual body is always present, but invisible…


I was always taught that a sanctuary had to have a window in it so we could see outside. Only then would we be able to understand our Judaism in the context of greater creation.

A friend of mine has breast cancer. She is one of many women I’ve known who have suffered wi…

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