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Community Milestones


Pardes Jewish Day School has a challenging, but very exciting, decision to make by the end of the school year. After about 18 months of work, “Resistors in Color,” the eighth-grade class’ artistic composition, which showcases many of the brave souls who not only resisted but fought back against Nazis, is complete and ready for a permanent home.

Artist Beth Surdut is a wildlife illustrator, environmental educator, stained glass designer and writer. She began painting on silk in the 1980s, starting with scarves, which have been on display in the Smithsonian, in Washington, D.C., and then moved on to larger paintings. She also creates…

Religious Life

We begin the third and middle book of the Torah — Leviticus — with what today we would call a “shout-out.” God “calls out” to Moses — Vayikra el Moshe! —and subsequently through him to the Israelites. The Almighty “calls out” to Moses listing the requirements for the five kinds of sacrifices…


(JTA) — Earlier this month the New York Times convened what it called a “focus group of Jewish Americans.” I was struck briefly by that phrase — Jewish Americans — in part because the Times, like the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, tends to prefer “American Jews.”

Do you know a local Jewish artist in the Phoenix community? Are they your friend or family m…

Three weeks ago in Washington, D.C., I had the incredible joy of watching teenagers from Tem…

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