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Mark Oppenheimer’s new book, “Squirrel Hill: The Tree of Life Synagogue Shooting and the Soul of a Neighborhood,” recounts the deadliest antisemitic attack in U.S. history through interviews with those impacted — both directly and tangentially — by the shooting, while examining the effects of the event on Squirrel Hill, the heavily Jewish neighborhood of Pittsburgh where Tree of Life is located.

“Although no one should assume that there’s a simple one-to-one correspondence between what appears onscreen and what happens offscreen,” writes Helene Meyers in the introduction to her new book, “Movie-Made Jews,” “most critics agree that movies matter because representation matters... What…

Religious Life


I decided that for 5782 to start right, I have to share my truth. For this, I found strength and inspiration in the words of Rabbi David Wolpe: “A good year is not a perfect year, a triumphant year or even an easy year. It is a year in which we see goodness and do goodness.” By speaking out …

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