Panel says controversial Tennessee judge not anti-Semitic

Shelby County (Tennessee) Criminal Court Judge Jim Lammey, who used his social media to link to an article calling for Jews to “get the f--- over the Holocaust,” was cleared by the Tennessee Board of Judicial Conduct of being anti-Semitic, although he did not get off entirely scot-free, JTA reported.

“After a complete and thorough investigation and under the limited and specific facts of this case, the Board acknowledges that there is no proof that you made any statements that were anti-Semitic, racist, or anti-immigration,” the board wrote. “However, during the investigation it appears that some of your Facebook posts were partisan in nature, which is a clear violation of the Code of Judicial Conduct.”

The board is requiring Lammey to complete an educational program that addresses ethical issues and social media use. The board said Lammey has agreed to not post on social media or say anything that could be perceived as biased or prejudiced.

Hitler’s top hat fetches $55K

A top hat belonging to Adolf Hitler sold for more than $55,000 at a Nov. 20-21 auction of Nazi memorabilia that drew complaints that the sales sent a bad message, JTA reported.

“The Nazis’ crimes are being trivialized here,” German government’s anti-Semitism commissioner Felix Klein said. “They’re acting as if they’re trading in perfectly normal historical art objects,” noting that “there is a danger that Nazi relics become cult objects.”

European Jewish Association Chairman Rabbi Menachem Margolin asked Hermann Historica auction house to cancel the sale. He said it would “send a message that some things particularly when so metaphorically blood soaked, should not and must not be traded.”

Along with the top hat, a silver-plated copy of “Mein Kampf” that once belonged to senior Nazi Hermann Goering sold for $145,000 and Eva Braun’s cocktail dress went for $5,000.

ADL honors Sacha Baron Cohen

The Anti-Defamation League honored Sacha Baron Cohen on Nov. 21 with its International Leadership Award for his “vision, imagination and creativity,” JTA reported.

“Baron Cohen has used humor and satire to expose people’s inherent biases by depicting racists, anti-Semites, neo-Nazis, Islamophobes and others as deeply flawed, ordinary people whose prejudices are, ultimately, laughable,” the ADL said in a statement. “As a celebrity and public figure, he’s not shied away from taking on tough subjects off-screen, having recently spoken out about the failure of social media companies to adequately address the rampant racism, anti-Semitism and hate on their platforms.”

Cohen, who delivered a keynote address, most recently portrayed the late Israeli spy Eli Cohen in a Netflix series.

Data collected on employees at Jewish nonprofits

A Google spreadsheet is being disseminated to employees at Jewish nonprofits nationwide to help inform workers — especially women — about their peers’ salaries, Forward reported.

“If you don’t know what people are making, you don’t know what to ask for,” said Rabbi Rebecca Sirbu, co-founder of the Gender Equity In Hiring Project. “We’re at a time, both in our country and within the Jewish community, where we’re waking up to the persistent challenges of inequalities and, in our case, particularly gender inequality in the workforce.”

The spreadsheet collected 210 entries, mostly from women, within 12 hours. JN

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