Rally against that coup

People wave Turkish flags at a rally on the streets of Kizilay Square in Ankara, Turkey, yesterday (July 17) in reaction to the failed military coup.

Turkey’s former military attache to Israel reportedly has confessed to plotting the failed military coup to unseat President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Citing Turkey’s state-run Andalou news agency, The Times of Israel reported today (July 18) that Akin Ozturk made the confession while under interrogation. In photos circulating in Turkish media Ozturk, who is also the former chief of the Turkish Air Force, appears to have a number of injuries to his head and upper body.

The coup began late Friday night and was quelled by the next day. More than 200 died during the attempt. Thousands of soldiers were rounded up yesterday by forces loyal to the government on suspicion of being involved in the coup.

In statements to Turkish media over the weekend, Ozturk denied being involved in the attempted coup.

Ozturk, who retired from the Turkish army last year, was the country’s military attaché to Israel from 1996 to 1998, according to The Times of Israel.

Last month, Turkey and Israel formally reinstated diplomatic relations after a six-year freeze. Today, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that the coup attempt will have no effect on the agreement between the two countries.

A terror attack at an airport in Istanbul hours after the reconciliation deal was signed killed at least 41 and injured more than 230.

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