9/11 ceremony held in Jerusalem

Victims of the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks were honored during the annual ceremony at the 9/11 Living Memorial site in Jerusalem, JNS.org reported.

Attendees included diplomats, ambassadors and delegations from Israel and the United States, including United Airlines pilots, firefighters and police officers, along with Israeli families that lost loved ones.

A “Tribute in Light” event featured two beams that shined light 300 meters over Jerusalem — similar to at Ground Zero in New York City. 

“We stood together in solidarity on 9/11, and we knew that terrorism could not defeat us,” U.S. Ambassador to Israel David Friedman said. “Standing here today we all recall that terrible day in 2001, and we honor the memory of the victims. In their honor, let us also reaffirm our sense of solidarity and commitment to our most cherished values. That will be the lasting legacy of 9/11.”

The 9/11 Living Memorial Monument created in 2009 is the only memorial outside the United States that includes all victim names.


El Al punctuality near the bottom

El Al ranked 39th for punctuality among 42 airlines in August, according to Flightstat, which said the airline ranked 41st among 43 airlines in July.

In all, 39% of El Al’s August flights were considered late — with a late flight being defined as 15 minutes past the scheduled landing time. The average delay was 51 minutes. The airline had 640,000 passengers in August.

Only EgyptAir, Saudia and TAP Air Portugal fared worse. South American LATAM Airlines ranked first, followed by Russian airline Aeroflot; both of the airlines fly to Israel.

Overall, 23% of all flights in August were considered late, with an average delay of 58 minutes.


Ancient seal found at Western Wall foundation

A seal bearings the Hebrew name and title “Adenyahu Asher Al Habayit” — which translates to “Adenyahu by Appointment of the House”  — was found in dirt excavated in 2013 beneath Robinson’s Arch at the Western Wall’s foundation, JTA reported.

The 2,600-year-old seal is called a bulla and was used to sign documents. “Adenyahu by Appointment of the House” is a biblical term describing the most senior minister who served under the kings of Judea or Israel.

The bulla is about a centimeter wide, and the type of writing on it dates to the seventh century B.C.


Trial run of electric train between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem called a success

A test run of an electric train from Tel Aviv’s Haganah Station to Jerusalem’s Yitzhak Navon Station on Sept. 12 was considered a success, “Globes” reported.

The trip was designed to test the infrastructure and locate any problems before the line debuts at the end of the year, Israel Railways and the Ministry of Transport announced.

“This trial is an important achievement in the national electrification project of the rail network and follows major efforts and intensive work,” Israel Railways CEO Michael Maixner said. “I hope that this will be a positive sign for continued progress of the project and leading the railway and transport network in Israel to a new more advanced era.” JN

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