After 75 Years, Holocaust survivors reunited

Cousins who were separated during World War II were reunited recently in Israel, JTA reported.

Both Morris Sana, 87, and his cousin and Simon Mairowitz, 85, believed the Nazis had killed the other, according to People magazine.

Descendants of the two men found each other on Facebook, leading to the reunion. The two men had escaped from Romania separately, with Sana living in Raanana, Israel, and Mairowitz in the United Kingdom.

The men are shown hugging each other and crying in a video posted online.

“Good to see you, too, after all these years,” Mairowitz said. “Seventy-five years you waited. I know it’s a long time. We’ve got each other now. And we can see each other.”

Population of Israel reaches 9.1M

Days before Rosh Hashanah heralded 5780, Israel’s population had climbed to 9,092,000, according to Central Bureau of Statistics data,Globes reported.

That’s an increase of 2.1%, or 184,000 people, over the past year. Bureau data showed that 196,000 babies were born, 38,000 people immigrated to Israel and 50,000 people died.

Of the country’s residents, 6,744,000 Israelis are Jewish (74.2%), 1,907,000 are Arabs (21%) and 441,000 (4.8%) belong to other religions and communities.

Israel’s population is expected to reach 10 million by 2024, 15 million by 2048 and 20 million by 2065, according to bureau projections.

Alleged bombers in death of Israeli teen arrested

Three Palestinian men who allegedly carried out a nature reserve bombing in the West Bank that killed an Israeli teen and wounded two others were arrested Sept. 28 by Israeli security forces, JTA reported.

The suspects are members of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine. A fourth member of the cell also was arrested.

The arrests were conducted jointly by the Israel Security Agency, the Israel Defense Forces, the Israel Police and the Border Police.

Rina Shnerb, 17, of Lod, her father Eitan, a rabbi, and her brother Dvir, 19, were hiking in August at the Ein Bubin spring when a previously planted bomb was detonated. Rina Shnerb died and her father and brother were seriously injured. The spring was named for a terrorist attack victim who died in 2015.

Haaretzreported that the cell’s head was hospitalized after his interrogation by the Shin Bet; the attorney said the man was healthy when arrested.

The paper said interrogators received legal permission to use “extraordinary measures” during the interrogation, with tactics such as sleep deprivation, extreme temperatures and being placed into uncomfortable positions.

The Shin Bet said the cell was planning additional attacks that included shootings and kidnappings. When the men were arrested, another homemade bomb was found.

Rumors fly about Paul McCartney return to Tel Aviv

Former Beatle Paul McCartney, who performed in Tel Aviv in 2008, apparently is in talks to make a return appearance, The Jerusalem Post reported.

McCartney — whose late first wife Linda McCartney was Jewish and whose current wife Nancy Shevell is Jewish — sprinkled in a few Hebrew words during his 2008 appearance including shana tova, ahav and shalom, while ending the concert with nitra’eh — we’ll see each other again. JN

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