Israel Snow Resort

An Israeli soldier skis on snow-covered Mount Hermon in the Golan Heights in northern Israel on Jan. 21, 2019.

The popular Hermon ski resort in the northern Golan Heights will open again for visitors after being closed due to the launch of an Iranian rocket over the area and Israel’s subsequent military response.

The Israel Defense Forces shuttered the snowy site amid concerns for public safety in case of a possible military escalation.

“Given the situation, it has been decided that the Hermon site will not open to visitors Monday,” the army said in a statement early on Monday morning, which was publicized on the Hermon ski website.

On Sunday, a medium-range Iranian surface-to-surface missile was launched over the Hermon mountain area before it was intercepted by an Iron Dome missile-defense system. Reports on Monday indicated that the Iranian-made missile carried a 440 pound to half-ton warhead and had a range of 155 miles.

Israel responded by hitting numerous Iranian targets in Syria, including a site just outside the Damascus International Airport.

At 6,500 feet, Mount Hermon is Israel’s largest mountain, and is an attraction for skiers and families who come to play in the rare snow.

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