Boarding school debuts in Trump Heights

The first residents of Trump Heights in the Golan — several hundred teenagers from troubled homes — arrived in the settlement on Nov. 7, JTA reported.

A boarding school for underprivileged youths in Israel designed to prepare teens for service in the Israel Defense forces debuted that day.

The Golan Heights, which Israel seized in 1967 from Syria, was recognized by the United States in March, and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu named the town in gratitude after President Donald Trump. It is the second Israeli town named after an American president, the first being Kfar Truman

About 20 families are slated to move to Trump Heights next summer.

Western Wall cable car approved for Jerusalem

A Ministry of Tourism plan for a cable car from the old Jerusalem railway station to Jerusalem’s Western Wall was approved Nov. 11 by the Housing Cabinet, Globes reported.

The cable car will have 73 cars, travel more than 1.4 kilometers and have the capacity to transport 3,000 people in each direction.

The project is designed to provide easier access to the Western Wall and the Old City’s southern side while easing Old City pedestrian congestion. The Ministry of Tourism estimates 135,000 people visit the Old City weekly.

“The Western Wall is not currently accessible enough to the public at large. For 2,000 years we waited for the Western Wall and it shouldn’t be that crowding and congestion will prevent people from reaching the Western Wall to pray, stroll around and take part in military and national ceremonies,” Minister of Finance Moshe Kahlon said. 

The cable car’s route will take it above Bible Hill (Givat Hatanakh) and the Valley of Gehenna, skirt the Diaspora Yeshiva on Mount Zion and the Church of St. Peter in Gallicantu and above the Ein Hilweh neighborhood before ending near the Western Wall.

Work to start on new entrance road to Jerusalem

Construction is slated to begin on a new entrance road to Jerusalem, The Jerusalem Post reported

Permits for the road, which will enter from the west, were issued to developers on Nov. 10.

With an estimated cost of $286 million, Highway 16 will strive to reduce congestion at the city’s entrance. It will serve traffic coming to the city from the west and south and improve access to Begin Boulevard.

The five-kilometer highway is expected to open in 2022 or 2023. It will connect Route 1 from the Motza area to Givat Shaul and to Shmuel Bait Street in Jerusalem.

Tunnels are planned beneath the Har Nof and Yefe Nof neighborhoods, and the highway will include interchanges at Motza, Nahal Revida and Bait Junction.

Quentin Tarantino rents North Tel Aviv house

Director Quentin Tarantino and his pregnant Israeli actress/model wife, Daniella Pick, apparently have rented a house in North Tel Aviv, The Jerusalem Post reported.

That has fed rumors that the couple plans to have the baby and raise it in Israel.

The couple married in Los Angeles about a year ago and announced the pregnancy in late August.

Tarantino, 56, has said he plans to stop making movies soon and was spotted in Tel Aviv in September with Pick, 36. JN

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