The right selection of flowers can elevate any event, and artificial floral arrangements have recently emerged as a popular design trend. 

But how to make the right selection? Will you need a small arrangement for a tablescape or a handmade, life-size floral installation? And then there’s longevity to consider. Despite what one may think, it can be difficult to keep artificial flower installations looking their best at all times. 

Here are ten tips for selecting and maintaining the perfect floral arrangement:

1. Always buy something that makes you feel happy. 

2. Don’t be scared with colors, albeit we recommend choosing colors that are in the same spectrum. A pink arrangement can me made up of a variety of shades of pink to create movement and texture. 

3. When choosing something to arrange flower arrangements in, be bold and quirky. Some of the best displays have been arranged in vintage teapots, hat boxes, trunks and jam jars. Raid through your cabinets, dig out grandmas old china and have fun. 

4. The “odd number rule” applies: Always display items in groups of three, five or seven. 

5. Use containers that are different heights to achieve eye-catching displays. When decorating a table, ensure that when you sit down you can see the person opposite — there is nothing worse than taking the time and effort to create a beautiful display only for it to be an obstruction — use transparent boxes and mirrors to help prevent this.  

6. Look after your artificial flowers just like you would any other fabric item in your home. Flowers gather dust and need to be gently cleaned with either a damp cloth or the brush attachment on a vacuum cleaner (test on a small area first).

7. Some people want their arrangements to be perfumed to give the illusion of real flowers. Use a very delicate, water-based scent to achieve this. Again, spot test an area first. And don’t over spray, you can always add more. 

8. Fresh air is important. It’s recommended that you place your artificial flower arrangements outside every few months to get rid of any household smells. An hour in the shade can revitalize them. 

9. If you are getting bored of a current arrangement, rather than putting it away perhaps add something new to it. A few silver twigs at Chanukah or some artificial berries around Sukkot can brighten them up and make it feel new. 

10. Have fun and be creative. There really is no right or wrong way as long as you enjoy the end result.  JN 

Sara Bloom Sidi co-founded Honeysblooms with Honey Gould. Honeysblooms creates in-stock and custom pieces for any event or simcha. Honeysblooms can be contacted at or through

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