JWV Logo Contest

Jewish War Veterans National Commander Dr. Barry Schneider visits Phoenix earlier this year.

The Jewish War Veterans of the USA is celebrating its 125th anniversary with a contest. It is holding a logo design competition with a reward of $500 and a feature in the next issue of its publication, “Jewish Veteran.” Submissions, welcome from any individual over 18, must be emailed to Christy Turner at cturner@jwv.org by January.

JWV is the longest-running veteran’s service, according to its website.

“We are the only consistently running veteran’s service organization, so it is a very exciting milestone,” JWV Public Relations Coordinator Cara Rinkoff said.

JWV was founded in 1896 by a group of  Jewish Civil War veterans, who responded to discrimination and diminution of their service record. Since then, JWV has fought for recognition of Jewish veterans nationwide.

The group has advocated for things like the Star of David on gravestones, religious protections in the 1944 G.I. Bill and the establishment of the National Museum of American Jewish Military History.

The JWV is a military group with a military focus, said Rinkoff, but they are also invested in justice for the Jewish community as a whole. In September, for example, the JWV called on Chancellor Timothy White of San Francisco State University to respond to some online comments made by a professor about Zionism.

“We have three things other vet organizations don’t: We are close to Israel, we fight anti-Semitism and we publicize that Jews have fought for this nation since the Revolutionary War,” said JWV National Commander Harvey Weiner. 

Weiner wants Jews to be proud of the fact that they have served in every war in a greater proportion than the general public.

After all the contest entries are in, the winning logo will be used for the JWV anniversary in 2021. 

Guests of the 2020 February JWV Executive Meeting will vote upon the contest submissions. JN

This piece originally ran in the Baltimore Jewish Times, a Jewish News-affiliated publication.

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