Cleaning for Passover and the search for spirituality - Special Sections

Cleaning for Passover and the search for spirituality

Rabbi Joel E. Hoffman | Posted: Thursday, March 8, 2018 9:20 am

As Passover approaches, many Jews go into spring-cleaning mode. Getting rid of chametz concretizes into actions such as putting away all of our everyday pots and dishes or making them kosher for Passover. Many of us also clean out the gunk that accumulated in the bottom corners of our refrigerator and conduct a detailed cleaning of the inside of our cars.

Often we put so much of our focus into the quality of the cleaning in order to not have chametz on Passover that we forget to think about the spiritual meaning of these cleaning actions. Similarly, when we eat matzah during the week of Passover, our thoughts are often on digestion — or lack of — rather than on the spiritual meaning of matzah.

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