Check on seniors’ eating habits to encourage proper nutrition - Special Sections

Check on seniors’ eating habits to encourage proper nutrition

Bob Roth | Special to Jewish News | Posted: Wednesday, April 29, 2015 10:00 am

Tell your Bubbe that it is very “in” to eat beets and she may say, “Oh that’s a bunch of borscht.” The same Bubbe who prepared holiday and family dinners with enough food to feed a small army. The same Bubbe who relentlessly pushed food and enthusiastically cooed, “Eat, Bubala.” And as hard as it is to believe, this same Bubbe may one day suffer from malnutrition due to a host of risk factors.

The image is so out of context compared with the vision of Bubbe as the matriarch she was in her heyday. The reality of aging is that a sharp decline in social interaction, poor dental health, the prevalence of systemic diseases and cognitive impairment can all lead to malnutrition. The deleterious effects of malnutrition in our elderly population are entirely preventable and it is vital to get this message out.  

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