Being a Jewish grandparent during Christmas time - Special Sections

Being a Jewish grandparent during Christmas time

Dr. Ruth Nemzoff | Posted: Wednesday, December 16, 2015 10:00 am

Being a Jewish grandparent of an interfaith grandchild is a tricky business. Some members of our community see intermarriage as diminishing Judaism – even though intermarriage has been part of our people since biblical times – and some simply desire to keep our families together and pass our values and traditions on to our grandchildren. Those synagogues that have truly welcomed the intermarried find that they add enormously to our community life.

If your children choose to bring your grandchildren up in another religion, you can explain that you would like to share your customs with your grandchildren and want them to know as much about Judaism as they will learn about the American Indians. Explain that you hope they will not only become knowledgeable about Jewish customs and values, but will also be friends of the Jewish people.

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