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Cycling through personal milestones and challenges defines the decades and our journey. Summer of 2019 is a pivotal one for my family. The last of our chickadees will be flying the coop to navigate health care-related fields to not only make a living, but also make a life and a difference. 

Lately, teachable moments have come in the form of a familiar little triangle. I referenced Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs to help my daughters set realistic expectations for entry-level jobs. Thirty-five years ago, I could never have predicted that I would be inching closer toward self-actualization, the pinnacle of Maslow’s hierarchy; caring for seniors would be the foundation of my desire for fulfillment.

To pivot or “reinvent yourself” is to reach and develop your potential to the best of your ability. For the past four years, writing this column, Aging Today, has been a great challenge for me. I’ve researched and communicated issues relevant to my readers, clients and peers. I have most certainly overused commas and left a few participles dangling. Please know that even if my modifiers are misplaced, my heart is not. My desire for seniors to age in place and to live their best life has led me on this path and a big thank you to the Jewish News for giving me this platform. 

In celebration of the past four years and a summer hiatus, here is a greatest hits compilation:


Top 10 Reasons to Read Aging Today:


10. You are seeking useful information on important topics:

9. You find yourself in need of an attitude adjustment:

8. You have vital organs you would like to keep healthy:

7.  You want to work on your smile:

6. You are curious about the opioid epidemic:

5. You are in need of a good laugh

4. You are a procrastinator 

3. Your sex life is important to you

2. You have insomnia

1.Brain health is important to you:


Bob Roth is the managing partner of Cypress HomeCare Solutions.

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