How to be happy - Torah Study

How to be happy

RABBI PINCHAS ALLOUCHE | Posted: Wednesday, March 8, 2017 11:49 am

Here’s a fun exercise: Next time you see a friend, ask him the two following questions. Question one: What is the opposite of love? Question two: What is the opposite of happiness?

I’m sure that most people will tell you that the opposite of love is hatred, and the opposite of happiness is sadness. But I beg to disagree. Love is a strong emotion of attachment, but so is hatred. When a person hates, his feelings of hatred attach him to the person he hates. This is why Elie Wiesel once wrote that “the opposite of love is not hatred; it’s indifference.” When I stop caring, when my heart ceases to seek any connection, good or bad, love then ceases to exist too.

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