Places to find a summer minyan in Greater Phoenix - Religious Life

Places to find a summer minyan in Greater Phoenix

LEISAH WOLDOFF | Managing Editor | Posted: Wednesday, May 25, 2016 10:00 am

Traditional Judaism mandates that a minyan – a quorum of 10 – is required for communal prayer. What is the origin of a minyan and when do you need one?  

“Before the Jewish nation was about to enter Israel, they sent 12 spies to scout out the land,” explains Rabbi Yakov Ashin of the Phoenix Community Kollel, via email. “As is well-known, 10 of the spies became corrupt and reported falsely about Eretz Yisroel. When G-d spoke to Moshe regarding these evil spies, He used the word eidah (Numbers 14:27), which translates as assembly. When the Talmud (Brachos 6a) discusses minyan, it uses the word eidah as well (“G-d stands in the Divine Assembly” Psalm 82:1). From the comparison of the two verses (Numbers 14:27 and Psalm 82:1), the Talmud deduces that a minimum of 10 people are required for a minyan.”

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