Jewish News asked children what their favorite thing about Hanukkah is. In addition to presents and chocolate coins – the most popular choices – here are their responses.

It’s the food

Chaim Adler, 4: Eating latkes

Shaia Yardeni, 4: Eating latkes with my family and friends

Jadon Woldoff, 7: Eating

Jacob Martin, 4: Pizza

Hadassah Goldstein, 4: Jelly doughnuts

Matteo Duarte, 4: Getting candy!

It’s the lights

Judah Garcia, 4: Lighting the candles

Clara Friedman, 5: Seeing the candles

Charlie Robinson, 3: I like the lights.

Quintin Peterson, 10: The cool menorahs

Remington J. Stocker, 9: Lighting the menorah

Dylan Eytan, 4: The menorah

Jacob Sherman, 4: I like the menorah.

Smily Ogus, 4: I like to light the menorah.

It’s the spinning

Samuel Bagatell, 7: Spinning a dreidel

Brandon Smith, 4: Spinning dreidels

Bryson Ray, 4: I love to spin the dreidel.

It’s time with family, friends

Anya Shankar, 4: Spending time with my family

Shayna Weisman, 4: Getting together

Noah Hayes, 4: I like to hug my mommy and kiss her.

It’s more than one thing

Eliyahu Yankelewitz: Spinning the dreidel and eating doughnuts

Marissa Friedlander, 5: I like getting with family and getting and giving gifts.

Lani MacMillan, 10: I like being with family and playing dreidel.

Garrett Hauk, 5: Having a party with my family and getting new toys

Rachel Kamber, 11: Decorating/presents/food

Ella Zinman, 4: Presents and candles

Noah Ramos, 10: Presents, food and family

Rio Fillers, 4: I like the Torah and the presents.

Sam Sosnow, 4: The surprises

Gift hints for parents

Aviela Mason, 3: I like make-up and boots.

Joey Perez, 4: Opening cars and trucks on Hanukkah

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