When the Secretary of State of the United States, John Kerry, has to go on television and speak for 72 minutes in an attempt to explain and justify the decisions of the president, then it is obvious that those decisions were wrong. It can only be compared to an attorney delivering his closing remarks to a jury in a criminal case, completely ignoring the facts and the evidence that exists, but repeating the same baseless and unsustainable arguments over and over again, knowing full well that his client is guilty.

So, first, let’s deal with the facts. When the United Nations, in 1948, resolved that two new nations be born in the Middle East, namely a Jewish State and a Palestinian State, there was joy in the streets of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem and hatred in the streets of the surrounding Arab States.

War was declared the following day by five Arab nations. A miracle was seen by the world when the new Jewish State, Israel, drove off the enemy with exception of East Jerusalem, and established itself as the only democracy in the Middle East. From that time on 800,000 Jews were expelled from the surrounding Arab states and were welcomed and absorbed by Israel.

The Palestinians did nothing for or on behalf of themselves. Nor did the surrounding Arab states do anything to help their brethren.

The Jews were driven from East Jerusalem and for 19 years no Jews were permitted to worship at the Kotel. In 1967, the Arab nations again thought the time had come to do away with Israel and again were unsuccessful. But this time East Jerusalem was liberated as was much of the surrounding territory, and from that time on all religions were permitted free access to the holy places in and around Jerusalem.

Did Kerry mention any of this in his 72-minute oration? Not a word.

In a subsequent conflict started by Israel’s Arab neighbors, the Israeli army went into Egypt and took possession of the Sinai Peninsula. President Dwight D. Eisenhower begged the Israelis not to cross the Suez Canal and to give back the Sinai, which they did. Years later, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon agreed to evacuate Gaza, against the will of many Israelis who were living a successful and productive life there. When it happened, the Israelis left some 400 farms and hot houses to the people of Gaza that produced vegetables and flowers and were the economic backbone of the area. Within a year not one was left. The price to be gotten for copper tubing from the watering systems was more inviting than the idea of a good living from farming and industry. How Gaza behaved thereafter towards Israel is common knowledge. So the question becomes, how much does Israel have to give back and what have the Palestinians given back?

Did Kerry mention any of this in his 72 minute oration? Not a word.

President Jimmy Carter stood by as Itzkhak Rabin shook hands with Yassir Arafat. The Palestinians would not yield. The Oslo Accords. The Palestinians would not implement them. Endless meetings over the years between the parties despite the fact that the Palestinians refused to acknowledge Israel’s right to exist. Israel was still willing to negotiate.

Did Kerry mention any of this in his 72-minute oration? Not a word.

And now the United Nations. The Middle East is aflame. Hundreds of thousands murdered in Syria, war in Yemen, slaughter and kidnapping in Africa, but a land dispute between Israel and the Palestinians, a subject which should not even be on their agenda, justifies another resolution against Israel. So the question is why? Is it a fact that the entire world is anti-Semitic?

Statistically, the number of resolutions against Israel is far greater than the number of resolutions against all other countries in the entire world combined.

When Russia invaded the Ukraine and took possession of the Crimean peninsula, was that not a land dispute? What did the UN have to say about that?

Neither East Jerusalem nor the adjoining territory upon which settlements are being built is “occupied land.” It is land that was conquered in wars that were started by Israel’s enemies. I suppose if you wanted to stretch the point you would have to say that southern California, Arizona and New Mexico is “occupied land.” The U.S. won it after a war with Mexico. But, at least we made peace with Mexico. They recognized our right to exist. How does Kerry expect a two-state solution when one of the states refuses to accept the other states right to exist?

It ill behooves President Obama to give the finger to Prime Minister Netanyahu at this stage of his presidency. The world knows that a true settlement of this issue has to be between equals and if the Palestinians will not acknowledge Israel’s right to exist then the parties are not equal.

UN resolutions are as meaningless as a 72-minute diatribe. When the Palestinians choose to regard Israel with the respect it deserves, then perhaps the parties can talk, between themselves, and only between themselves, about resolving their differences.


Leon H. Gildin is an author in Scottsdale.

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