In the many years that I have been reading the Jewish News, I never recall an editorial that dealt exclusively with politics and, other than expressions from Jewish organizations, had nothing to do with Jewish life or Jewish affairs in the Valley. So if we are going to get involved in politics, then so be it (“Punishing Muslims for being Muslims,” Jewish News, Feb. 3).

Let us play a game of revisionist history. It is Sept. 10, 2001, the day before the infamous 9/11. All of the Muslim jihadists that brought down the World Trade Center, damaged the Pentagon and caused the plane to crash into the field in Pennsylvania have been kept out of the country by stringent immigration laws and 9/11 became a day like every other day. Over 3,000 Americans would still be alive, the World Trade Center would still be standing, the Pentagon would be undamaged and the field in Pennsylvania would be growing crops.

It is the day before the Boston marathon and the brothers who planted the bombs that caused the loss of life, the grief and the tragedy of the following day had been kept out of the country by stringent immigration laws. The marathon would have gone on in the great American tradition that it had. No deaths, no wounded, no grief, no tragedy.

Now let us go to San Bernardino. How many lives would have been saved if the “loving couple” that caused the loss of life and the tragedy had not been allowed in the country?

We are talking about excluding people from countries who sponsor terrorism and whose desire it is to send murderers to the United States for the purpose of wreaking havoc and, ultimately, in their sick minds, causing the downfall of this country. Is the writer of the editorial arguing, seriously, that we should not defend our borders and protect our citizens? The fact that the greatest percentage of these people are Muslims and that those who have previously committed atrocities against American citizens are Muslims, is a fact. Nevertheless, this decree is not “Punishing Muslims for being Muslims.” It is protecting our shores from those who wish to do us harm. That is the prime function of government and that is the justification for the president’s order. It is temporary, and hopefully, within the 90 days of the order, its implementation will be worked out and a comprehensive immigration plan with respect to allowing all citizens from the affected countries will be in place.

Are there negatives? Yes there are. The program was poorly implemented and people who had a right to come here were inconvenienced. It took a few days and those difficulties were resolved. The program was poorly explained and that gave those who dislike President Trump, regardless of what he does, to riot, to break windows, to cause property damage, to burn cars and to generally act like the hooligans that they are, totally unrelated to the immigration order.

Protecting this country from those who wish to do us harm is the very act that shows compassion and understanding to the immigrants who wish to come here legally and lawfully and become members of this great nation. All others must be kept out.

Leon H. Gildin is an author in Scottsdale.

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