Silent invocation protects our rights - Your Voice

Silent invocation protects our rights

RABBI DR. SHMULY YANKLOWITZ | Posted: Wednesday, February 10, 2016 10:00 am

Correction (published Feb. 19, 2016): The Satanic Temple in Tucson was the organization originally scheduled to lead the invocation at the Phoenix City Council on Feb. 17.

While as Americans, we are, indeed, free to worship as we wish without government interference, the reality is that there are blocs of citizens who feel uncomfortable with alternative religious groups’ desire to express their deep spiritual convictions (or lack thereof). Locally, this has manifested itself in the desire to block the self-described Church of Satan to lead the opening prayers before a Phoenix City Council meeting scheduled to take place Feb. 17. There has been furor over the group’s desire to open the meeting with a prayer, with many wondering if the group is a sincere expression of American tolerance of alternative religious values, or a ploy to gain attention for themselves and disrupt the normative “Judeo-Christian” value system.

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