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J Streeter’s response leads Jews astray

MATTHEW KARLOVSKY, M.D. | Posted: Wednesday, June 10, 2015 10:00 am

I was impressed to read Larry Gellman’s opinion piece (“Baseless hatred of one Jew toward another over Israel,” Jewish News, May 29) attacking my article that called out J Street for half-truths about its support for Israel, because, apparently, my piece hit a nerve with him. He claimed that the points I made about J Street were “lies and slanderous rumors.” As Elvis Presley had famously said: “Truth is like the sun. You can shut it out for a time, but it ain’t goin’ away.” All the facts in my article were taken directly from J Street’s own national website and from the mouths of J Streeters and their supporters as documented in videos from official J Street events. His comments are the living embodiment of J Street doublespeak. His high-browed chastisement of my article as sinat chinam, creating hatred among Jews, is misplaced.

J Street goes to great lengths to overcompensate in their demonstration of being “pro-Israel.” The J Street websites self-congratulatory list of supporters is impressive. What’s disturbingly impressive is the enormous list of fellow Jews on J Street’s advisory council who themselves represent groups who openly attack Israel or give money or support to groups that attack Israel. Prominent Israeli politicians who are featured on J Street’s website include Labor Party Knesset members, members of the opposition, who  would, of course, oppose Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s security stance. As I said in my previous article, a two-state solution as promoted by Labor and J Street supporters is suicidal, since it places a terrorist PLO state on top of Jerusalem and near all major population centers, even dividing up Jerusalem. Moral high-mindedness about being critical of Israel as a way of being “pro-Israel” lends aid and comfort to an enemy that wishes to destroy Israel. Israel’s withdrawals from Gaza and Lebanon offer bloody proof that such moves decrease, rather than increase, Israel’s security.

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