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J Street: The Jewish enemy within

MATTHEW KARLOVSKY, M.D. | Posted: Wednesday, May 13, 2015 10:00 am

In late March 2015, a New Yorker article concluded that despite the difficult economic conditions of many Israelis, the Israeli public by and large did not trust Isaac Herzog and Tzipi Livni, who head the Zionist Union political bloc, with Israel’s security. And if it’s one thing Israelis understand more than anyone, it is that security matters more than any issue. Self-preservation, not suicide, is enjoined by Jewish law and common sense. To borrow a line from Bill Clinton, “It’s the security situation, stupid” – and that is the crux of where J Street fits in. Social justice movements for American Jews arrogantly apply ideals of democracy and justice based on American jurisprudence to make Israel out to be 100 percent guilty and the only party that requires direct pressure for results. The reality of the Middle East today, where Israel must not only survive, but also thrive, is that Israel is mortally threatened. Naïve Western idealism cannot be expected to negotiate and win with adversaries who believe might makes right. This is where liberal Zionism breaks down. Both ideals cannot continue to co-exist: Either there is a Jewish state for Jews in Israel and all others can take it or leave it, or there is pure democracy where Israel dies through majority vote as championed by those who wish a “Palestinian Right of Return” and voting rights and citizenship for all Arabs in Judea, Samaria and Gaza.

The J Street slogan “pro-Israel, pro-Peace” is a chimera of destructive doublespeak meant to fool American Jews into thinking that forced land concessions to the Palestinian Authority is the utopian answer to the century-old conflict. If only I could find it so easy to believe that the conflict is only over land. The idealism behind the Oslo Accords did not yield results because the P.A. is really the PLO (Palestine Liberation Organization), a terror-supporting autocracy that refuses to recognize Israel as a Jewish state. Unilateral land withdrawals placed Iran’s terror proxies on the border with Israel: Hezbollah, after Ehud Barak’s unilateral withdrawal from southern Lebanon, and Hamas in Gaza after Ariel Sharon’s unilateral withdrawal. If this is not a mistake to avoid again, I’m not sure what is. False high-minded morality gets people killed. Land concessions to terrorists do not lead to peace, they lead to war. A Palestinian state in the West Bank puts ISIS and/or Iran right on top of all of Israel’s population centers. This is suicide. J Street’s dangerous push to force an agreement is dangerous and cynical since “J Streeters” don’t have to live with the consequences of their bad ideas. They don’t serve in the IDF and they don’t live under Iron Dome. Left-wing Israelis are thankfully outnumbered by Jews who know better: ex-Russian Jews who lived under the anti-Semitic doublespeak of the communists, Sephardic Jews who lived as second-class citizens in Muslim nations, and a growing religious Zionist movement whose loyalty to the Torah and the land G-d promised reminded them at election time that Jewish survival is more important than an international social justice movement whose driving force is thinly veiled anti-Semitism. Torah, after all, came before the Balfour Declaration or the United Nations. This reality is painful for American Jews whose idealism this challenges. It would be nice to settle with the Palestinians if they would simply stop teaching their children to kill Jews in their school books, on TV and in their mosques. As Brent Stephens of the Wall Street Journal has said, if Israel’s neighbor were Canada, it would be easy to make a deal.

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