Is it time to eavesdrop on mosques? - Your Voice

Is it time to eavesdrop on mosques?

RABBI REUVEN MANN | Posted: Wednesday, November 25, 2015 10:00 am

In waging war against terrorism, it is vitally important to identify the sources from which the enemy is activated. It is not enough to capture and kill every terrorist fighter. If the organizations and institutions that generate the warfare remain intact, the problem will persist as other fanatics will fall prey to the noxious indoctrination.

The primary source of the worst forms of violent extremism is radical Islam. The criminals commit their crimes in the belief that they are fulfilling the will of their deity as revealed in their particular version of Islam. In order for the War Against Terrorism to be successful, it must eradicate the evil doctrines that propel it and put down those who preach them.

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